Episode 37 The Melody of Earth: Unveiling NutriSoil’s Worm Whisperer Darren Maddock and his Harmonic Approach to Worm Farming

In this episode of our podcast, Nakala and David offer a rare glimpse behind the scenes at NutriSoil headquarters. We’re introducing you to a key figure in our team, the ‘Worm Whisperer’ himself, Darren Maddock. While Darren might be a bit of a hidden gem in our operations, his contributions are vital to the NutriSoil business.

Darren delves into his reasons for taking on the family worm business, sharing his passionate views on farming and his aversion to chemical usage in agriculture. His commitment to natural processes is not just a philosophy; it’s a practice that has led to significant successes, particularly in using NutriSoil to improve animal health.

Listeners will gain valuable insights about running a commercial worm farm and Darren will give his top three tips for maintaining a thriving, healthy worm farm at home.

But there’s more to Darren than worms and farming. He’s also a talented musician and artist. As a special treat, at the end of the podcast, we give you a sneak peek of one of his own compositions, a song titled ‘Testing Times’. We hope you enjoy!


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