Episode 5 – Calm the Farm

Suzanne Lewis is an ethical sheep producer that is passionate about low-stress sheep management and explains, that a healthy sheep is a happy sheep. Suzanne explains the benefits such as increased sheep weight, fertility, and meat quality, as well as decreased worm burdens, that result from low-stress sheep management.

Suzanne manages 1400 x white suffolk composite ewes and trade merino wether lambs. Suzanne’s husband Evan operates a no-till cropping enterprise which incorporates multispecies cover cropping. The two systems complement each other by the integration of the sheep grazing cover crops and stubble for soil and animal health.

Not only is Suzanne an ethical meat producer, she is also a part-time teacher with the school of exercise and nutrition sciences at Deakin University and talks about the connection with healthy soils, healthy animals, and healthy people. Suzanne explains to us that the gut microbiome and soil microbiome act in very similar ways and that microbial diversity is key to both human and soil health.


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