Episode 19 – John Kempf – Author | Quality Agriculture

Today’s episode is a book review with John Kempf, who has recently released a NEW book, Quality Agriculture. This episode is FULL of new science in soil, animal, food and human health.

John is founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, a plant nutrition and bio-stimulants consulting company in the US. He is an agronomist, host of the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, a speaker and educator, and now an author.

In the book, John interviews a group of growers, consultants and scientists who describe how to think and farm differently in order to profit from producing high quality food. This conversation teases out these interviews and concepts including how pesticides and herbicides are tying up micronutrients; how plants take up whole microbes as their main source of nutrition; what measurements are important in identifying quality food that is premium for human health; and the role of cover crops.

It’s a book and conversation that has the potential to ignite BIG change in how we grow our food.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, or learning more from John, please take a look at his website https://johnkempf.com/

The transcript for the Podcast is available through the link below.



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