Feedback from Farmers

Diane and Ian Haggerty Tells Their Success in Growing Crops in Sand

Conventional vs NutriSoil
Over the fence comparisons WA wheatbelt
  • Conventional system on the left:
    Medium Country – 30 seeds
    Heavy Country – 41 seeds.

  • Biological system on the right: 
    Medium Country – 42 seeds
    Heavy Country – 50 seeds.

  • Conventional system on the left:
    Shallow root systems do not allow for access to water in dry times.

  • Biological system on the right: 
    Larger root systems allow plant to hold on longer in the dry.

Quick Response

We were amazed at how quickly soil can and does respond to NutriSoil – especially in Australia – where chemicals have now been used so extensively for so long. The future in farming is really exciting again with the thought of moving away from the harshness of chemicals, back to what our grandparents have – that becomes a PASSION. Well done NutriSoil for sticking with it – all the way!

Janet Mitchell, Carboor Victoria

NutriSoil in clover
Greener and lush

Trials carried out in 3 paddocks with control areas on Barley, Annual Sub-Clover and Permanent Pasture. 4 weeks later trial and application areas stood out like chalk and cheese. Barley and sub-paddock were distinctly greener and lush compared to untreated areas. Less obvious in pasture paddock although cattle grazed only pasture where NutriSoil was sprayed.

M Marke, Tatura

NutriSoil Vs Urea

Trials done on wheat, triticale and lupins found no difference from the yield map between Urea and NutriSoil. 5L of NutriSoil was used as an equivalent of 100kg Urea only NutriSoil was half the cost. Better to save the money using NutriSoil, especially if the rain still holds off as it is not wasted.

R. Koscitzke, Brocklesby (NSW)

NutriSoil in clover
Noticeable improvement in stock health

The most valuable and noticeable improvement is in the health of the stock. We haven’t lost an adult animal to illness since. Unproductive terrain now holds good grass and clover and when Graham digs weeds he is delighted to find worms underneath.

G & J Lockhart, Wooragee

Stimulating biological processes on horse arena

We have followed up with further application to event areas. Soon we will use the fertiliser on the agistment areas. The good thing I feel about this process is that we are stimulating the natural sub soil biological processes, not just spreading chemical synthetics and hoping for the best. To read about this case study click on link below.

J Dowell, Grounds Manager, Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre

Case Study - Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre

Twice the return for a quarter of the price

Trial conducted in 2008 on 2 × 30a paddocks (side by side).

Cut large round bales for Hay in late October 2008 and second cut early January 2009. No irrigation. Nutrisoil applied at 5L/ha in September 2008 and again at 5L/ha after first hay cut.

_____________Super Trial__________Nutrisoil Trial
1st Cut _______60 bales____________65 bales
2nd Cut_______20 bales____________86 bales

M Heath, Neerim South