Ask a Farmer

Our farmers provide practical tips on common challenges.

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Case Studies

Our farmers reveal what is working in their farming system.

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Biological Agro Scientists Papers

Read papers by experts in the field.

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Biological Farming Roundtable Notes

The Biological Farming Roundtable is a bi-monthly facilitated discussion around Biological Farming ideas introduced to us by inspiring leaders in the biological world.

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Ten Steps to Biological Farming

These steps have been put together using information from the Biological Farming Roundtable resource group. This group studies papers and articles from scientists, farmers and great biological thinkers and workshop how these concepts can be put into practice on farm.

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The Science of NutriSoil

This short two-page folder provides a summary of the compounds found in NutriSoil and how they interact with the soil to improve soil and plants and plant health.

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NutriSoil is a vermiwash, learn more about the science behind the vermiwash.

White Papers

When beginning a NutriSoil Program, it’s best to keep records. Consider your aims, timeframe, how or what you will measure.

Field Action Plan

Great Reads for Biological Thinkers

An extensive list of articles, interviews and educational resources.

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NutriSoil Annual Open Day Reports

The following reports were compiled from feedback given by farmers at former NutriSoil Annual Open Days.

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