Episode 8 – Girl in the Arena with Brooke French

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Brooke French and her daughter Katie who is 13 years old, operate a 932 acre sheep and cattle property in Brungle Creek, NSW. From a passionate herbicide user who took pleasure in seeing her weeds die, Brooke’s mindset about weeds and synthetic fertilisers has been turned on its head. A change of perspective can change your farming practices so dramatically. In this conversation we go deeper, we talk weeds, hay, droving, personal development and we even talk about men! This is a great conversation with an amazing woman, who against the odds, did not feed out hay in the 2018 drought.

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2 Comments on “Episode 8 – Girl in the Arena with Brooke French”

  1. Brooke you are an inspiration to all animal managers.
    Your soil fertility will be coming from your livestock & rotational grazing certainly helps reduce the use of drenches.
    Wish I was in NSW I would come visit.
    After 30 years of farming I attended an RCS Pasture to Pocket workshop in 2005 & we changed to rotational grazing & no artificial fertilisers.
    It resulted in less vegetable matter & higher yielding merino wool.ears in WA
    Time & patience will reap results.
    Great to hear your podcast.

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