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“Microbial Melody: How Nutrisoil’s Fungi-Bacteria Harmony Boosts Plant Health”

“Fungi to Bacteria Ratio – Nutrisoil” provides a detailed analysis of the microbial composition in Nutrisoil, a type of compost product, and its implications for soil health and plant growth. Key points from the document include:

Microbial Diversity in Nutrisoil: The document presents data on the microbial diversity in Nutrisoil, including the alpha diversity (species count), and the relative abundance of bacteria, eukaryotes (which includes fungi), and archaea in different compost samples.

Comparison with Traditional Compost: The data shows that Nutrisoil has a higher microbial diversity compared to traditional compost, with a higher number of species (682 vs. 620 in regular compost). This indicates a richer microbial environment, which is beneficial for soil health.

Fungi-Bacteria Balance: The analysis reveals a unique balance of fungi and bacteria in Nutrisoil. While bacteria dominate (98.09% of total microbes), there is a significant presence of eukaryotes (0.92%), which includes fungi. This balance is crucial for nutrient cycling and soil structure.

Role of Archaea: Nutrisoil also contains a higher percentage of archaea (0.69%) compared to traditional compost. Archaea play a critical role in nutrient cycling, particularly in nitrogen and carbon processing.

Implications for Soil Health and Plant Growth: The rich and diverse microbial community in Nutrisoil suggests enhanced benefits for soil health, including improved nutrient availability, better soil structure, and potentially increased resistance to soil-borne diseases. This diversity can positively affect plant growth and yield.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices: The document underscores the importance of using compost products like Nutrisoil in sustainable agriculture. Such products enrich the soil microbiome, which is essential for healthy plant growth and sustainable farming practices.

In summary, the document highlights the complex and beneficial microbial composition of Nutrisoil, demonstrating its potential advantages over traditional compost in enhancing soil health and supporting sustainable agriculture.
Fungi to Bacteria Ratio – Nutrisoil


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