Farmers looking to understand more about soil ecology and improving their soil health will have the opportunity to attend a biological farming roundtable (BFR) event in April.

The event which will take place at the Coghills Creek Community Center has been set for Wednesday April 6, 2022 and is being sponsored by NutriSoil, with the support of Central Victorian Regenerative Farmers.

NutriSoil director Nakala Maddock said the business loves getting out to meet farmers and help improve the understanding of soil health, which empowers farmers to think about how they can get biology working with them.

Mrs Maddock said it was great to work with groups like North Central CMA and Central Victorian Regenerative Farmers, because it allows them to help facilitate the networking of like minded farmers, who are ready to expand their mindsets about farming with the tools nature has already provided.

“We are bringing agroecologist David Hardwick from Soil Land Food with us to the event. David has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the relationship between soil ecology (soil microbes), soil health and plant health and he will unpack this during the day,” she said.

Besides an interactive presentation on soil function, there will be an in-field soil assessment, a session on making your own lactobacillus (a soil probiotic), along with a presentation from NutriSoil on the science of vermiculture for next generation farming.

“We also like to make time for farmers to share their story and network with each other; it is really important when travelling down a new path you have a support structure behind you.

“Our BFR events are always well received and are a great way for us to meet our farmers, and others who are just starting out in the regenerative agriculture journey.

“NutriSoil truly believe that farmers are the solution to the climate troubles we are facing. Farming with nature and not against her increases soil health, soil carbon, along with water holding capacity.

“We now know that soil biology has an enormous influence on hydrological cycles and weather patterns,” Mrs Maddock said.

Tickets are $40 per person which includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Tickets can be purchased through Humanitix and searching Ballarat Biological Farming or contacting NutriSoil directly on (02) 60209679 or email


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